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Hi, I'm SaberTooth and this is my artistic art blog where I put art. (This is for art by the way.)
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I would also like to make it known that some of the stuff I do is NSFW. I also enjoy EXTREMELY dry humor.
Most of my stuff is pretty clean though, that's more or less just a heads up.
Anyhow, welcome!

For those of you who have ever wanted to look exactly like your secretary in Animal Crossing, I have recreated Isabelle’s outfits. Enjoy!

Sometimes I get bored and make shitty speedpaints. This was done using Photoshop CS3 and using a free Hypercam program. Which is why you can see the outline of my brush at times because it slows my system down a bit. 

NOTE: Rottweilers are actually Black. I should have used shades of grey for the coat. For those who breed Rotties, I apologize. 

EDIT: The song that is playing is not “Music People” It’s actually “Ghosts of Utopia” 

So I was flipping back through my old sketchbook and I found a bunch of pages that were essentially just filled with tiny SPG heads. 

This was a sort of happy accident that occurred while I was making a design for a t-shirt. Of course, you can barely tell what it is and the anatomy wasn’t completely correct but it was very aesthetically pleasing to me.

Some sketches from a few months ago. I’ll usually fill around ten or fifteen pages of nothing but figures. I set myself up a playlist of sixty-second long songs and when a song is over I start drawing a new picture. 

I’m really trying to work on getting cleaner lines and more fluid looking figures. You’ll notice some of my poses look a bit stiff.