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Hi, I'm SaberTooth and this is my artistic art blog where I put art. (This is for art by the way.)
Here's my regular tumblr.
I would also like to make it known that some of the stuff I do is NSFW. I also enjoy EXTREMELY dry humor.
Most of my stuff is pretty clean though, that's more or less just a heads up.
Anyhow, welcome!

     This is an old comic I was working on for a short story I was writing. The story takes place a few years after what you are seeing in this comic. The story itself is rather long winded and was supposed to be a sort of dramatic comedy.

     I wonder if I’ll ever get around to finishing it. The comic though… Unless backed by some type of “popular demand” I think I’ll put it to rest. Or at the very least save if for a day when I’m feeling particularly productive. 

Surprise, Gears. 

I did a thing… Finally…

     This is some stuff I made for the convention.
     The gun from Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt was not made by me, rather a close friend, but I painted the design onto it.
     I made the stuffed cat you saw, it’s called Konekoneko and it doubles as a backpack so we could carry our money and cameras around. Koneko took about five consecutive hours of work, (I’m extremely manic when I take on projects) and I’m very proud of what I accomplished. Primarily because I had no pattern for his body other than a miniature stuffie I had of him.
     Then there’s the mask, which I made from plexiglass and paper mache. I wasn’t as happy with the mask as I was koneko, but I did my best to paint it up and make it look good. 

btw… did you spot the smilodon?

Last bit of fan-art, I swear. Then I’ll actually start doing something original. I drew these while waiting in line to get Autographs and such. I had fun with them.